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Azura is a Mediterranean brand, where the influence of the sun, air, light, color and joy inherent to its climate is expressed in his philosophy. This influence is reflected in our collections, to convey positive emotions based on the values ​​of friendship, complicity and passion. As the infinitely small modern world, we absorb influences of this cosmopolitan and multicultural world, putting them in our collections, and so got an original and coherent, accessible and result speaks for us. We encourage everyone to follow their emotions, where the experience of having a piece Azura is part of the great adventure we call to enjoy life to the fullest. We are an ideal brand for everyday use, where the aim is a casual yet elegant look, considering that the simple can also be perfection. We want women Azura is seen as a strong woman, determined and aware of her femininity, is any situation where you are. For us, fashion is emotion.


Fashion translates into constant movement, energy, desire for a look that every woman wants to possess.

Our essence is feminine, dynamic and creative. Azura's color and joy you want to convey through their collections.


We began this journey in 1999 when we decided to paint the world of color through our collections, providing our customers with innovative and unique sensations and experiences.

In interpreting fashion in a different way, where we understand that simplicity can be glamorous, fashion Azura adapts to the needs of everyday life. The result is a woman who creates a unique, individual but imaginative style.


We try to give the best possible response to market needs, creating a product that meets the needs of our customers.

Thus, in all the collections, we are looking evolve, as well as fashion evolves, through the creation of fresh collections, with colorful, cheerful and contemporary for a woman who wants her style to accompany the latest fashion trends.